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LIFE LIKE LIQUID (Soundtrack - Disc 2)


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LIFE LIKE LIQUID - www.lifelikeliquid.com

Every wave, every rhythm, only ridden once.
Riding sound, riding surf, every movement totally spontaneous. Nothing written, nothing rehearsed.


The film 'Life Like Liquid' is an exploration into the creative realms of surfng, sound and fluidity. This is what happened when a group of musically inclined surfers came together with no other intention than to ride sound waves, ocean waves and record the thrill of the ride.

The plan was to have no plan at all. To allow intuition, chance and circumstance be the compass within ever moment. Timelessness and the improvisational aspect shared by these two art forms is the essence of the 'Life Like Liquid' experience.

Recorded in a beach house that was converted into a makeshift studio, right on the dunes, with views over the best waves in the region. The crew that were present just jammed and surfed every day.

“My whole life I have been hypnotized by two major forces in this world, the ocean and the formless. The ocean mesmerizing me with its infinitely varied moods, and the formless being all those energies that we can’t see with the naked eye, yet we know they are there because we see the effects of them all around us. Just like the invisible force that makes the waves we surf.” - Dave Rastovich

“Every person is music, perpetual music, continually going day and night, and your intuitive faculty can hear the music. That is the reason why one person is repellant and the other attracts you. It is the music they express, their whole atmosphere is charged with it.”

Nada Brahma (The World is Sound)

and the recording process..

Low Pressure Productions put the word out amongst a whole network of wave riders & sound creators that we've met & worked with over the years. Some were there for the whole time, others just popped in for a couple of days. Everything we played was totally improvised. No Rehearsals, no planning, on one conducting proceedings in any way. It was all a matter of pressing record & go.. (most of the time it was.. go & oh press record) Someone would start playing something & then (if you weren't out surfing) we would tune in to where we were going to take it, or as Jim Banks said, where it was going to take us! The result was over 50hrs of music captured over 10 days. Thats about 5hrs a day jamming.

"The creative process of this project coming together has been one of the most inspiring and enlightening progressions of my life. ‘Life Like Liquid’ is the first soundtrack recording co-ordinated by Low Pressure Productions and it is our pleasure to present this fluid moment in time, knowing it is the first of many. In my journeys before this project I had always been curious to hear what would happen if we gathered a crew of us to just jam, surf and play life soundtracks to surf footage. Andrew Crockett had a very similar picture in his mind and as we conversed with DR, OJ and Lawrence we realised that we had each experienced similar visions of merging our love of riding sound and ocean waves in a multi-media experience. ‘Life Like Liquid’ is the love child of those visions and the first tangible documentation of our explorations. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have." - Sol Carroll

"You know if you and your mates start off with a few ideas mixed with a collective love for music and surfing and one and a half years later you end up with an amazing double album soundtrack and a surf movie that arguably stands up to any that has ever been released, you are hanging with the right crew. Everyone involved in this project has had an important part in making this project so epic. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be associated with all these creative, inspirational humans on this breathtaking and unpredictable planet." - Oj Newcomb

Low Pressure Productions would like to extend a massive thanks to all of the artists and contributors who feature on and created these recording. There is a massive discography of great material available from all of the artists combined so we encourage you to explore their albums and share your discoveries with others.


“As sound creators it’s like we are both the storm and the ocean; we are creating sound waves which then travel through the air into the audience. Being a surfer it’s almost like we are the audience sitting out in the ocean ‘listening’ to what a distant storm has created. We listen and then surf on that waveform like we dance to music, moving intuitively to the sound of the ocean.” - Sol Carroll

“You can’t become a better musician without becoming a better person. They go hand in hand. If you are truly engaged in creating from you heart space, your inner growth is inevitable.” - James Cox

“It’s kind of like a wave running down a reef. It’s like not quite knowing what that wave is going to do as it moves along the reef. The song is the same. As the song moves along we just don’t quite know where it’s going to go… Where that song is going to take us, or where we are going to take that song.” - Jim Banks

“Because of the spontaneous and uncontrolled nature of the recording sessions, it seems to me that the music produced has had the complete opposite effect on the listener. This freedom within the sounds and the unknown journey in the composition allows space for the listener to surrender to this un-formulated element (which doesn't actually exist in todays music) & experience a completely focused state of mind.” - Oj Newcomb

“You don’t have to do nothin’ fancy. You just got to lay it down.”- Ash Grunwald

“There is a certain level of musicianship that you need to develop before you can read signs in improvised music. But it’s the same in surfing, it’s hard for a beginner surfer to read what a waves going to do. If there are two peaks coming together, you might not be able to read that it’s about to jack up and pitch you, and slam you into the sandbar, but that knowledge only comes from experience and learning how to deal with that and read the wave. It’s the same in improvised music. Hearing little melodies and learning on the spot how the piece is going to develop playing off each other and making a bit of eye contact. You need a certain amount of musicianship to be able to do that and everyone here has obviously got it.” - Terepai Richmond

“Through so many ocean experiences and so many days spent listening to music I have come to wonder if sound waves and ocean waves are actually the same thing. The only difference being that they are moving through different mediums. Have you seen someone strike a gong in a pool of still water? Dozens of little waves move out from the source of sound and bend in the same way ocean waves bend around the reefs and headlands that we frequent.” - Dave Rastovich


released November 1, 2006

All songs on ‘LIFE LIKE LIQUID’ were spontaneously composed by the musicians on the moment when performed.

LLL features over three hours of music recorded by the surfing musician cast during the making of the film who includes: Ash Grunwald, Terepai Richmond (d.i.g., the Whitlams), Tony Hughes (King Tide), James Cox, Jim Banks, Chris Lane & Stu Fergie (Oka) "Fingers Malone" (The Winnie Coopers), Lawrence Eastland, Shannon Sol R. Carroll and OJ Newcomb (Afro Dizzi Act, Band of Frequencies).

Recorded & engineered by Justin Tressider
Mixed by Jeff Lovejoy & Oj Newcomb at Black Box Studios, Brisbane www.blackboxrecording.com.au
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studio’s 301, Sydney
Artwork by Lawrence Eastland at www.soundfoundation.com.au
Edited & Collated by Oj Newcomb
Produced by Dave Rastovich, Oj Newcomb & Sol Carroll

Low Pressure Productions


all rights reserved



Low Pressure Productions Sunshine Coast, Australia

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